Edge Computing is the Key for Industrial IoT

    Machstatz offers a Edge Solution where all the computing takes place. Our Machine Learning based optimization algorithm can be deployed in the edge devices. We often do automatic remote update of our algorithm and make it more precise. Machstatz has the capability of building those Micro ML algorithms which can be deployed on edge gateways even with less processing power. These algorithms will be able to work with real time process values, asset parameters, operator feedback and manufacturers intelligence system.

    The entire dashboard can reside at the plant premises, no cloud interference will be involved and will be in real time, this helps the manufacturer in minimizing costs and cloud infrastructure. It can support multiple industrial protocols like MQTT, AMQP, HTTP etc. Edge computing can really revolutionize how industries work and enable the operators at the production floor to take real time decisions. Machstatz providing end to end solution starts its entire solution from the ground level or the operator level this helps them design a customer centric product.