Increase in machine reliability.
Increase in operational efficiency.
Risks of shop floor data manipulation.
Reduction in machine downtime.

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We provide industrial automation products to machine intensive enterprises. Our products automate the production process and help you remotely monitor progress and machine health.

What about data manipulation risks?
Now access, view and download data directly from the machines, via our IoT products. Never depend on anyone for production or factory reports again. Goodbye data manipulation!

Are you worried about untimely machine breakdown costs?
Accurately predict machine breakdown, maintenance requirements, production and much more, using our Artificial Intelligence products. Now fix issues way before they hurt your business!



Accurate and fudge-free data can be the difference between success and failure. Now you can monitor production progress 24x7 using state of the art industrial IoT technology.

*Custom dashboards and reports
*Production analytics
*Real-time quality checks
*On-premise deployment
Eagle eye

Eagle eye

Frequent plant visits are eating into your productive time?
Access all production and plant data from anywhere and at any time, using our gateway technology.

*Remote access
*Cloud deployment and storage
*Real-time analytics
*Custom dashboards & reports


Accurately forecast production units, idle time, machine failures, completion time and much more using our advanced machine learning and artificial technology.

*Predictive & advanced analytics
*Remaining Useful Life & Root Cause Analysis
*Auto-detection of shutdowns
*Remote access

Why Choose Us?

Stanzen Engineering increased the operational efficiency of their entire plan by 30% using our Industrial IoT Gateways and Lucrys Analytics.

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A Chemical Manufacturing Plant successfully predicted and prevented 12 hours of machine downtime using pattern recognition and AI (a 10x ROI!)

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Jindal Steel & Power Limited used our Lucrys Analytics Platform to connect their machines, track and improve the deviations in the manufacturing process on real time basis.

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