Smart Offering

    • Make your assets more smarter.
    • Installation and Commissioning of Smart Sensors.
    • Instrumentation of required assets and processes.
    • Easy integration with existing architecture of the plant.
    • Control System Independent Setup.
    • PC based I/O gateways.

    Nexus Offering

    • Establish M2M connectivity
    • Integrate all your control systems
    • Establish connectivity by implementing standard communication protocols
    • Setup an Intranet network within your plant
    • Connect all your systems from control systems to ERP to Supply Chain

    Edge Offering

    • Edge Computing within the plant premises
    • Smarter Operating Procedures for your production floor
    • Improve your operational efficiency by real time analysis
    • Immediate attention to critical signatures and alarms
    • Use Machstatz Integrated Devices to establish M2M connectivity

    Eagle Eye Offering

    • Remote Monitoring of your plant and machines
    • Immediate attention to critical alarms
    • Real Time updates on your asset health
    • Customized user specific portals
    • Access your plant data from anywhere in the world

    Acute Offering

    • Deep Analytical Insights in how to increase your production efficiency
    • Increase your quality of production through our customer centric solutions
    • Failure predictions of your machines
    • Increase your overall equipmet effectiveness (OEE)
    • Make your machines talk to you regarding their health
    • Artificial Intelligence Algorithms to optimize your process and increase their efficiency

    Augmented Offering

    • Find out the efficiency of each assets on the production floor itself.
    • Troubleshoot the whole process on a real time basis
    • Replace your old and ageing sensors through Augmented Reality based technology
    • Smarter and Faster Decisions through Augmented Reality
    • Decrease your dependency on OEM’s & Proprietary Technologies
    • Build a quick response team within your plant operators to prevent catastrophic failures.