Our Vision

We help you make better operational strategies using AI and predictive algorithm. Our primary goal is to improve your plant's operational effeciency.

Our Story

Machstatz was conceptualized with one and one aim alone - take organizations engaged in the machine intensive industries next level.

So far, AI and IoT technologies have led various breakthroughs in smart technology and robotics. It's about time that traditional industries of manufacturing, assembly line, extraction etc, also benefit from AI and IoT.

With that in mind, Machstatz began in 2017 with a small team of highly experienced techies. Our core team has extensive experience and expertise in diverse fields of advanced tech such as Industrial Instrumentation & Automation, Big Data, Database Management, Data Security, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

In short, our team is well equipped with the expertise needed to upgrade your organization with Industrial IoT.

Our story
2017 - The Beginning
Sept 2017 - Received Angel Investment
Oct 2017 - Acquired Stanzen Engineering as our first client
-Received a grant of Rs.50,000 from Espark
April 2018 - Received a grant of Rs. 2 Lakhs from IIMA, at Econimic Times Power of Ideas
Oct 2018 - Incubated by DERBI Foundation
May 2019 - Received Seed Round Funds from DERBI Foundation, A Technology Business Incubator supported by Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India
July 2019 - Acquired Borosil as our client
Sept 2019 - Acquired Arvind Textiles as our client



Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Sameer Patnaik dons multiple hats for Machstatz, including business developement and product developement. He holds a B.Tech degree in Electronics & Instrumentation from National Institute of Science & Technology and an MBA from Amity Business School,Noida. He has in-depth expertise in Industrial IoT,M2M,PLC,DCS,SCADA,Smart Sensors & Gateways. Before Machstatz he worked as an Industrial Automation Engineer.


Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Every successful technology company needs a geek.With his inquisitive and curious mindset, Pruthviraj Subudhi is the perfect fit for that role. He holds a B.Tech degree Electronics & Telecommunications from National Institute of Science & Technology. Before Machstatz, he worked in L&T, HCL and GE.Having built various technology products, he has a unique blend of embedded devices and software technology expertise.


Co-Founder & Chief Analytics Officer

Srikant Gupta is Machstatz's storyteller. What else would you call a person who can effortlessly decode intricate data patterns into engineering stories? He holds a B.Tech degree in Computer Science Engineering from National Institute of Science & Technology. Before Machstatz, he worked in a leading analytics firm, GroupM. At GroupM, he used his skill as mentioned earlier to influence its strategic decisions and growth.


Mentor & Partner

Everyone needs a mentor who has already eaten dirt and come out victorious. We are fortunate to have Avinash Sosale as our mentor.He is an avid IoT and Lean manufacturing enthusiast, investing and heading companies in Manufacturing.IoT, Software Automation, Early Education &N E-Commerce. Additionally, he has served on the board of Major Automative Suppliers and handled Lean Manufacturing,Marketing, Purchase & HR.


Technical Advisor & Consultant

Having a seasoned industrial expert as an advisor and consultant is a boon for any startup. Biswajith Das has a vast experience of 34 years in setting up the modern manufacturing and fabrication plants, latest 3D based software and CNC machines, and Automation. His current expertise on Industry 4.0 knowledge has helped us shorten our learning curve drastically.


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