1. Real Time Vibrational Analysis Kits

    • Semi Wireless Vibration Sensors – No Battery replacement, no maintenance
    • Avoid interference between the sensors and gateways
    • Plug & Play, Cost Effective Sensors
    • Monitor your industrial assets like pumps, blowers, exhaust fans etc. on real time basis
    • Specially designed for Industrial Use Cases – LoRa, Wifi & Cellular based kits
    • Our kits are easy to install and can be retro – fitted
    • Helps in real time diagnosis like machine imbalance, cavitation, vibration suppression methods, deflection shape analysis etc.

    2. Industrial Chatbots

    • Natural Language Process based Chatbots
    • Know about the manufacturing process within few seconds
    • Quick diagnostics suggestions and recommendations
    • Ask the bot in Simple English

    3. Machstatz Integrated Industrialized Gateways

    • Machstatz Edge Gateways can connect with Digital Inputs, Analog Inputs, Digital Outputs and Analog Outputs. It helps in integrating both the worlds Information Technology and Operation Technology.
    • IO gateways can be accessed over wifi
    • Connect to your PLC’s or machines remotely

    4. QUASAR – A complete IIoT Package

    • A complete package having all the offerings
    • From Smart Instrumentation to Remote Monitoring to Data Analytics, implement QUASAR to have an end to end experience
    • Let Artificial Intelligence taking care of your machines
    • Troubleshoot with Augmented Reality Technology
    • Relax and Watch QUASAR taking care of your plant operations

    5. Industrial Analytics Rule Engine


    Quasar is analytics rule engine having on-board predictive modelling and optimization algorithms. It’s Artificial Intelligence based pattern recognition algorithm helps in identifying hidden patterns in process and machine data. The platform can detect anomalies at minute level which helps in finding the root cause for the failures. The algorithms will be able to predict the failure of machines by correlating and analysing the change in patterns.   

    • Predictive Maintenance of Machines.
    • Prevents Unscheduled Shutdowns or Failures of Machines
    • Optimizing the manufacturing process
    • Minimizing Operator related Accidents